v0.15 - More sounds and music updates

This release focuses on enriching the audio tapestry of the game. Essentially, it boils down to adding a lot of sounds where previously there was only silence. Plus, MaxStack has reworked his older work and added a couple more tracks to the game. The final addition is the About game window with credits.


  • Around 50 new sounds
  • Music updates and two new music tracks
  • About game window


  • Disabled background ambience in new game menu
  • HUD fixes for multiple timeouts and timers
  • Fixes for mouse clicks on game view
  • Fix for area alertness stuck at the same value
  • Possible fix for rebirth exception
  • Fix for player entity on loading a region mode save
  • Fix for completing the uncover more events goal if the player stumbles on REDACTED randomly
  • Returned close button to main menu


parasite-0.15-linux64.zip 169 MB
Mar 18, 2023
parasite-0.15-win32.zip 154 MB
Mar 18, 2023

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