v0.7.2 released and development resumed!

Good news, everyone! I've resumed the development on the game. And now it's available on Steam, too! (here).  All the people that have bought a copy of the game  here, have received two Steam keys each, check your email (thank you, guys!). There's a huge list of changes that includes major reworking of the UI, changing of underlying platform, tons of bugfixes and some gameplay changes for easier play. Here is the full list:

  • all HUD and windows UI elements converted to new system with background art added;
  • full UI mouse support finally completed;
  • previous inventory, knowledge and body windows have been merged into one "body" window with multiple toggleable segments;
  • bitmapped font changed to vector;
  • many small bugfixes and tweaks due to these changes;


  • New difficulty setting - survival. ATM it makes the AI calling the law slower on easy setting and makes the calls interrupt when the parasite attaches to host. Normal and hard settings behave as previously.
  • Evolution difficulty - slower host degradation when evolving on easy/normal setting. The current speed becomes hard setting.
  • Evolution difficulty - now limits total amount of habitats per game. This number is visible in skills section of body window. Note that this number is decreased only when habitat is destroyed. When the last habitat is destroyed, the parasite dies.
  • Group difficulty - more severe penalties for habitat destruction on hard, and less severe on easy setting.
  • New formula for calculating max ai number on screen - the number is significantly lower for high resolutions and a little bit higher for low resolutions
  • Console command for ai stats (dai)
  • i1, b1 hotkeys were replaced with ctrl-1, shift-1 (old ones still available)
  • Camera is now always centered (added config option for it, will add later to the options window)
  • Uncaught exceptions are now logged and message about it was added to contact me
  • Initial team timeout raised making the early game easier


  • lots of UI fixes for low resolutions
  • fix for one habitat being destroyed multiple times
  • fixes for azerty keyboards
  • mouse cursors fixed
  • HUD toggling will be faster
  • most of the visual bugs for borders fixed
  • optional goals are now marked as such
  • added bridge goal between main line and scenario
  • arrow keys movement fixed
  • disabled the ability for dogs to pick items up
  • you cannot leave the habitat when the host is paralyzed now
  • disabled inventory action hotkeys when inventory is not yet available
  • automatic game over when the parasite has no energy and is attached to host
  • actions count made smaller in the HUD
  • evolution-related lines are removed from the HUD when there is no evolution happening

Have fun!


parasite-0.7.2-win32.zip 78 MB
Apr 06, 2022
parasite-0.7.2-linux64.zip 95 MB
Apr 06, 2022

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