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Survival horror roguelike about a parasite in a modern day setting. · By Max Kowarski


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v0.16 - L-LET'S HAVE A C-CHAT...
There is now a conversation mode ingame. The parasite can chat with its host and later with the other NPCs. How it works is you first need to complete the tutor...
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v0.15 - More sounds and music updates
This release focuses on enriching the audio tapestry of the game. Essentially, it boils down to adding a lot of sounds where previously there was only silence...
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v0.14 - Sandbox Mode and Pseudocampus
This release brings the often requested sandbox mode into the game. The current plotted scenario is moved into a separate choice during the game start. There is...
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v0.13 - Labs Update Two and Parthenogenesis
The main focus of this release was scenario-related changes to the research labs. I don't want to spoil them but now there is an additional bit of gameplay that...
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v0.12 - Ingame encyclopedia and host preservator
The vacation is over and the update is ready. This release marks the addition of the thing that has long been on my radar. I'm talking about ingame encyclopedia...
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v0.11 - Labs Update One
I've started working on this update by fleshing out the expanded design for the labs areas. At that point, labs were not much different from other locations, ci...
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v0.10 is out!
The focus of this update is on a long overdue writing for the improvement texts. I think the placeholder improvement names are from... 2019? 2018? I don't remem...
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v0.8 released
There are no gameplay changes in this one but a lot of maintenance stuff that should make playing the game more comfortable. The one small feature I'm most prou...
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Something I've noticed (over the course of many games) is that you can't really retain a host you've assimilated. They r...
started by Solar_Silver Jun 19, 2022
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(of the steam version):
started by iwanPlays Apr 18, 2022
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Found this again after a long time. It looks like the option to learn about sewer entrances is missing since the last up...
started by Mcdoom37 Feb 22, 2022
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I just claimed a free key you posted over on Rogue Temple. Thank you. Will be trying it out over the coming days. Nice o...
started by ShornTheSheep Nov 20, 2019
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